2020 NW Symposium


After careful consideration, and in consultation with the Oregon Beaver and ​British Columbia Pacific Chapters, the SWANA Evergreen Chapter Board has decided to cancel the 2020 Northwest Symposium. Based on the Covid-19 situation​ we anticipate that an in-person Symposium is not practical for our members​, sponsors, and speakers in 2020.

We will be following up with​ additional information on cancellation and refunds for ​registered speakers, attendees, and sponsors.

We considered several alternatives to cancellation, including moving to an online format, postponing by a year, or looking at an option to co-host with the Oregon Chapter in 2021. However we felt that each of those options would involve additional uncertainty, costs and coordination challenges,​ without sufficient benefits. Our Board feels we can better serve our members in these unusual times by focusing our resources on developing a robust series of online technical sessions in 2020-2021, with contributions from many of the ​proposed Symposium presenters. Look for more information to come from our Technical Committee this fall.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during these unprecedented times as we adapt Chapter activities to best serve our membership.

Each spring the Washington, Oregon and British Columbia chapters hold a joint Northwest Symposium. Join solid waste industry professionals from a wide variety of specialized fields, where members come to exchange information and learn from technical experts.

The SWANA Washington Evergreen Chapter is among the more active and diversely represented chapters in the nation. We have a positive reputation among members, neighboring chapters and the national organization for promoting innovation, supporting education, and taking on challenging technical and policy initiatives. Our board of directors reflects who you are through its representation of public officials, engineering professionals, and commercial operators and haulers. Our members, sponsors and surrounding communities benefit from the energy we commit toward taking on tomorrow’s resource challenges.